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New England District Hockey Development Camps
Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the New England District Hockey Player Development Camps and their answers. Please remember that these questions address many issues for all Camps.
Should you have any questions beyond these, please contact  .

What is the general schedule?
There are typically two ice sessions per day with games at night. When not on the ice, players will be engaged in off-ice activities and programs. While not much, there will be some down time during the Camp, so it is recommended to bring a book, music, or other activity to occupy that time.

Does New England District Hockey provide sheets and towels for me?
New England District Hockey does not provide sheets, blankets, or towels.  The mattresses are twin XL and require twin XL sheets.  A pillow will NOT be provided. Additionally, we do not provide toiletries, so please bring your own shampoo, soap and other bathroom necessities.
What kind of clothes should I bring?
Please bring typical summer hockey camp clothes with you. This should include workout clothes and running shoes for your off-ice training sessions. There will not be any need to dress up during the camp, so you can leave those uncomfortable clothes at home. Inappropriate clothing or footwear will not be tolerated.
Do I need to bring my hockey equipment?
Yes! You are required to bring all of your own equipment, as required by USA Hockey rules. Remember mouth guards and helmet earpieces are required.
How much money should I bring?
This is a personal preference. You will be provided three meals a day, however you may want to order pizza at night or get items from the vending machines. There will also be some USA Hockey merchandise available at each Camp. Please use your best judgment, especially if bringing cash.
When will I receive a camp schedule?
The daily camp schedules will be available at registration. We do not provide advance copies of the schedule or rosters. Games at night are at 7:00 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. On the last day of camp, games are 8:00 a.m. and 9:45 a.m.  Your son will be ready to leave camp at the conclusion of the games either at 9:30 a.m. or 11:15 a.m. We won't know what game your son is playing in until the night before. It is a playoff format and the seedings from the previous days will determine which game your son is participating in.
Who will be my roommate and can I make a request?
New England District Hockey will assign roommates. Your roommate will more than likely come from a different State. We do not take roommate requests. Your room assignment will be given to you upon arrival. Switching rooms and/or roommates will not be allowed.

Can I bring my cell phone?
Players are allowed to bring cell phones, but they will have limited use throughout the camp. Players are encouraged to use them only during times that do not interfere with their team obligations and commitments.
Will there be trainers available?
New England District Hockey has trainers available for all on ice and off ice sessions. Any medical/training needs should be addressed directly with the training staff upon arrival at camp.
Will I be able to get my skates sharpened while at Camp?
We will have on-site skate sharpening. You will be informed at the opening meeting about how to address any equipment needs and where to leave your skates should they need sharpening.  The fee is $5.00.
Can my parents and/or other visitors come and watch me or visit me during the week?
Parents and visitors are invited to watch on-ice sessions during the week. There is no admission fee. Players will be able to converse with parents and family members after practices and games until the team counselors indicate that it is time for the team to move on to the next activity. Players are not allowed to leave with a parent/visitor at any time, unless he/she has checked out of the Camp and does not plan to return.
I have heard that it gets hot during the summer in the dorms. Should I bring a fan?
You may bring a small fan to camp. Air conditioners are not allowed in the dorm rooms.
Can I Bring food to the camp?
Three meals a day will be provided by New England District Hockey.  However, players may bring their own snacks and beverages. Small, college-style refrigerators are allowed in the dorm rooms.