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Please use the following information and links to help plan your 2020-21 travel hockey season.  While each state's guidelines, mandates and procedures vary, we trust the community to do their homework before traveling for hockey this winter, and do their part to stay safe and keep others safe.  If there are any questions, we encourage folks to reach out to their local state boards.

New England District will continue to share updates as decisions get made regarding district run events, including tournaments and camps.

NH Hockey - COVID information - https://www.nhhockey.com/page/show/5900359-covid-19-information
NH Travel - https://www.covidguidance.nh.gov/out-state-visitors
NH Recreation - https://www.covidguidance.nh.gov/sites/g/files/ehbemt381/files/inline-documents/2020-05/guidance-amateur-youth-sports.pdf / https://www.covidguidance.nh.gov/sites/g/files/ehbemt381/files/inline-documents/sonh/guidance-hockey-indoor-ice-arena.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2NJrLVLGBynbPmVvX999EKmuvJ53PesPmsH4HntIapKSASeu8wyCdaecI

RI Hockey - COVID information - https://www.ri-hockey.org/
RI Travel - https://health.ri.gov/covid/travel/
RI Recreation - http://www.dem.ri.gov/programs/media/covid19.php#ysports (Youth Sports pdf link is empty)

VT Hockey - COVID information - https://www.vermonthockey.org/news_article/show/1106789
VT Travel - https://accd.vermont.gov/covid-19/restart/cross-state-travel 
VT Recreation - https://accd.vermont.gov/news/update-new-work-safe-additions-be-smart-stay-safe-order (9.1)